I'm a pretty basic girl.  Grew up in Central Virginia in a pretty outspoken family.  Except, I'm the quiet one. I love ice cream and cheesecake; Pizza and Jamaican Beef Patties. I also absolutely love and adore people. I love their story.  Everyone has a story and I love uncovering that story. I love finding out the details and experiences that allows for a person to become who they are.  Sometimes the best way to do that is through the art of photography.

I began to develop a love for photography when I went on a missions trip to Guatemala right before my senior year of High School.  I came across a few children who WANTED to get their picture taken.  We had a language barrier, but for some reason, photography is what connected us. Photography connects people from all over the world. It connects people with different backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs.  It allows me to have some of the best conversations.  It allows me to share the gift of joy with someone that I barely know. That's my why.