Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Leah

I've pretty much been shooting a lot lately, as we know.  It's just the days are longer and I have more time to get outside.  Photography is life-giving to me.  So not having the opportunity to have done a session for all of winter was a struggle haha :-) 

Anyways, here's Leah! I met Leah last summer because we had mutual friends and I work with her sister, Anna.  Leah is great.  I love her because she has a lot of backbone - super sarcastic.  She takes life seriously but then doesn't take things seriously at the same time which is, what I believe the perfect balance that everyone should have in their personality.  She's a down to earth person and I love talking with her and just hearing her thoughts and her perspectives.  She's firm in who she is and definitely knows who she is.  She's also a natural in front of the camera and super photogenic! Despite having to face the rushing wind, we had a blast

Here are some of my favorite shots from our shoot! 

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Bri

One of my favorite things about my job as a Resident Director is being able to work with and do life with my RAs.  I have 8 this semester and they definitely keep my life interesting.  They all come from different walks of life.  Different perspectives and different ways of thinking.  I enjoy hanging out with them and just laughing and joking about anything and everything.  Mostly love seeing how the Lord works through their lives and teaches them more of His character and what it means to pursue Him with passion.  

Bri is one of my four RAs that is graduating.  Bri is amazing.  She is one of those sweet genuine girls that comes with a lot of sass, which I love.  She is straightforward and doesn't sugar coat anything. She works hard, is disciplined in her life as a student, a RA, and as a individual.  She's a dancer too.  My accountabilities with her are great because we have a focus but then sometimes it gets into a random tangent of whatever is going on in life or just her hall in general.  I'm definitely going to miss her when she moves on to the next season of her life.

Anyways - we decided to do her senior session at Sweet Briar College.  One - I've NEVER been there before and once we stepped foot on the campus my heart just melted. The campus is BEAUTIFUL.  Two- we may or may not have illegally walked on grass (to my defense, we didn't see signs until way late).  

Here are a few of my favorites! 

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Rebekah

So I work at Church Street Bridal part time.  It's pretty fun.  You have so many different types of brides coming in and out of the shop, but then a lot of days it's very relaxing and you have a chance to just sit back and work on some organizational/inventory paperwork or just laugh and joke with your coworkers.  All of them are easy to connect with and I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with them.

Rebekah is great.  She's a northerner (which, if you know me - I love northerners).  She's straightforward, but also pretty bubbly and super sweet.  But she is also VERY talented.  She is an art teacher at LCA and makes all kinds of pottery, any kind of invitations, you name it!  I not super artsy, but I have this huge love for art and the people that create them.  

Anyways, Rebekah volunteered to model for me and we stayed back after work one day to do these! She's so gorgeous and I had a blast! 

Here are some of my favorites!

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Isaac & Sara

These past few months have been pretty busy.  With working until past dark most days, I really haven't shot any portraits since December.  But it's been pretty cool with daylights savings giving us more light.  So I've been able to shoot after I get off work most days.  It's always refreshing and I have quite a bit of shoots to share from last semester and from the past week.

Anyways, I love Cherry Blossoms.  Everything about them.  It's my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works,  when they're bloomed - it's my favorite scenery for photography.  I love looking at them and driving past them in the Spring.  One of the reasons why this is my favorite season.  It makes me realize how much of a genuine softy I am. I like to think I don't like flowers, but in reality, I probably really do love them.  So the combination of photography and cherry blossoms just give me a lot of life and drive haha.

I did a somewhat low key model call and Isaac and Sara volunteered to model for me.  I don't shoot couples often so I'm often happy when I get the chance to.  I met Sara last semester and she has such the warmest presence and such this humorous personality.  So spending about an hour with her and Isaac has been such a great experience.  They were pretty much down for anything, super comfortable in front of the camera.  You know it's a good session when you're too anxious to wait to edit and you get to it right away.  That's basically what I did with this one!  :-) 

I'll stop talking now and show you some of my favorites 

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Cris

I'm catching up on a bit of blogging this week and I'm starting with Cris!

I did a couple of fall shoots thus far this semester and Cris asked for me to do hers.  Cris was on my hall for a semester last year and she definitely has one of those quiet - yet strong, leadership personalities that make her stand out.  She is also absolutely gorgeous and a natural model so I couldn't resist.

I found this field not too far from my apartment at the Annex - Cris braved all the possible thorns and climbed through everything with me.  It was definitely worth it. The overcast day... the field.. everything.

Here are a few of my favorites