4 Reasons to Use Adobe Bridge

http://www.steves-digicams.com/knowledge-center/how-tos/photo-software/4-reasons-to-use-adobe-bridge.html The article, "4 Reasons to Use Adobe Bridge" comes from Steves-digicams.com.  The website is designed for consumers who want to keep updated with information news regarding digital cameras.  It also gives information about different types of software and editing techniques.

The four reasons this article gave to using Bridge were easy exporting, easy to use, setting color, and batch renaming. I learned that you could drag an image from anywhere on the computer (including web browsers) to Bridge and it will come up. It can handle multiple images and makes them easier to find.

I rarely used Adobe Bridge in the past.  I actually despised Bridge until I really learned how to use it correctly over the past week.  I suddenly fell in love with it and used it to edit my pictures before I even thought about pulling it up in Photoshop