30 Day Photography Challenge!

So I really want to enhance the quality of my photography as well as get shots in ways that I've never done before.  This is why I've decided to take the 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I think that this will be great for me to do especially since I'll be home for 3 weeks. We'll start with Day 1.  The Self Portrait 



Here is the list of all the tasks! 

Day 1: Self Portrait 
Day 2: Rule of Thirds 
Day 3: Black & White
Day 4: Texture 
Day 5: High Angle 
Day 6: Low Angle 
Day 7: Silhouette 
Day 8: Sunset 
Day 9: Bokeh 
Day 10: Lens Flare 
Day 11: Landscape
Day 12: Portrait 
Day 13: Dynamic Tension
Day 14: Light Painting 
Day 15: Colorful Water Drops 
Day 16: Balanced 
Day 17: Unbalanced 
Day 18: Frame within a Frame 
Day 19: Panorama 
Day 20: Depth 
Day 21: Water Splash 
Day 22: Slow Sync Flash 
Day 23: Panning 
Day 24: Harris Shutter 
Day 25: Shallow DoF - 
Day 26: Light Graffiti 
Day 27: Street Photography 
Day 28: Architecture 
Day 29: Night 
Day 30: Hidden Camera Mirror Photo