Liberty University FACS Fashion Show

Although I have had the edits for these completed for a few weeks, I for one am really excited to finally be able to post these!


I've had the opportunity to be the Photographer for the entire process leading up to the fashion show this year and I had a blast!

I think most of all, I enjoyed editing these more than taking them.  I really took a different creative approach to fit the tone than what I would usually do with my portraits. Because, let's be honest, some of the editing that I did with this are ones that I would NEVER do with my portraits.  I just really liked the way these turned out!

Personally, I was not very much aware of everything it takes to execute a fashion show of this caliber, but I definitely learned! They started the process back in September of last semester for the show in April.  This 7 month process definitely was evident in the directors' and designers' final product.

What was very interesting about this Fashion Show was it's theme: Go Green, Go Glam.  The criteria for the designers was that they had to design clothing where the majority of the material used was recycled.  The designers definitely pulled it off and made some amazing things!

Well, let me stop talking and show you! 

I'll start with some of my favorites from the preparation!

Then of course was the Fashion Show.  I absolutely loved editing these! I wish that I could show them all, but here are some of my favorites!