Things to Look Forward to in 2015

The fact that it is March and I am just now getting a push as to what I would like for 2015 to look like. Better late than never, right?

I'll be completely honest.  I have a degree in Public Relations, I have learned the importance of social media, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) for the purpose of business/campaigns and I absolutely do a horrible job at keeping up with it.  That's something that I absolutely have to get better at.  Even when I'm not shooting, I have to constantly create interactions and engage - have a strong social media presence not only on a personal side, but on a business side as well.

As I'm nearing the end of my Master's degree program, I realized that I really need to get into the habit of efficiently utilizing the tools that I do have.  It comes first by mastering SEO, making sure that I am properly advertising where I need to be, and also utilizing the tools that I already have available (blogging, Facebook, Instagram).  I am coming across some very interesting techniques that I am really excited about utilizing.  

I am also realizing how important it is that I create a business budget.  I typically set a budget for my personal expenses (that I have somehow slacked on the last few months), but never really do much as a business.  Being that I am starting to gain a larger client based than before, I'm noticing that I really need to do so.  How much do I need to put into equipment - how much for advertising.  How much is too much?  When do I say no?  All of these are questions that I have to ask myself when it comes to budgeting (among others).

I've booked 2 weddings on my own and I am second shooting 3 thus far.  There will most likely be more that I am second shooting for as the Spring starts to roll in some more.  But I am really excited about shooting these 5 because 

1. That's almost total amount of weddings that I have shot period. I've shot 2 for 2014.  3 for 2013. 1 in 2011. I will jump from have shooting only 6 weddings, to shooting 11.  In just a year.  The crazy thing is, it is only March more could come.

2. I'm getting my foot in the door.  The quality of my images have drastically improved since I've first started.  I'm not the best, but I do feel more confident in the work that I can produce for these weddings.  It will allow for my wedding portfolio to be stronger - which can ultimately bring in more clients.

I am hoping that I can really get a decent amount of second shooting over the summer.  I have been put on a couple of priority lists for second shooting for a couple of photographers, so we will see where that goes!

I really would love to begin booking more portrait sessions.  If I can bring in about 10-15 clients this year, I would be pretty happy about it.  Thus far I have 1 booked - so it is coming pretty slowly.  But of course, that largely comes from have to better advertise.  

While I have aspirations for where I want to take this year - I know that there are things that I need to do to complete them.  But I am ready for the challenge and I am looking forward to an already amazing year! 

Also, I will be doing a lot better at blogging - I promise =)