Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Isaac & Sara

These past few months have been pretty busy.  With working until past dark most days, I really haven't shot any portraits since December.  But it's been pretty cool with daylights savings giving us more light.  So I've been able to shoot after I get off work most days.  It's always refreshing and I have quite a bit of shoots to share from last semester and from the past week.

Anyways, I love Cherry Blossoms.  Everything about them.  It's my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works,  when they're bloomed - it's my favorite scenery for photography.  I love looking at them and driving past them in the Spring.  One of the reasons why this is my favorite season.  It makes me realize how much of a genuine softy I am. I like to think I don't like flowers, but in reality, I probably really do love them.  So the combination of photography and cherry blossoms just give me a lot of life and drive haha.

I did a somewhat low key model call and Isaac and Sara volunteered to model for me.  I don't shoot couples often so I'm often happy when I get the chance to.  I met Sara last semester and she has such the warmest presence and such this humorous personality.  So spending about an hour with her and Isaac has been such a great experience.  They were pretty much down for anything, super comfortable in front of the camera.  You know it's a good session when you're too anxious to wait to edit and you get to it right away.  That's basically what I did with this one!  :-) 

I'll stop talking now and show you some of my favorites