Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Rebekah

So I work at Church Street Bridal part time.  It's pretty fun.  You have so many different types of brides coming in and out of the shop, but then a lot of days it's very relaxing and you have a chance to just sit back and work on some organizational/inventory paperwork or just laugh and joke with your coworkers.  All of them are easy to connect with and I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with them.

Rebekah is great.  She's a northerner (which, if you know me - I love northerners).  She's straightforward, but also pretty bubbly and super sweet.  But she is also VERY talented.  She is an art teacher at LCA and makes all kinds of pottery, any kind of invitations, you name it!  I not super artsy, but I have this huge love for art and the people that create them.  

Anyways, Rebekah volunteered to model for me and we stayed back after work one day to do these! She's so gorgeous and I had a blast! 

Here are some of my favorites!