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Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer | Anania Wedding

Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer | Anania Wedding

Boy, am I happy to be able to share this wedding with you all! 

I had the privilege of capturing Darius and Kate's wedding last month in Richmond.  After wrapping up all the editing over the weekend, I don't think the day could've gone any more perfectly. There were just so many things that I love. I love being from Richmond.  I love Overcast days. I love fall. I love goofy and spunky couples that are so in love with each other that I'm almost invisible. 

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Suzanne

There are a bunch of things I have to share about what I love about this shoot:  Cherry Blossoms.  I've been waiting around for weeks for them to fully bloom throughout the area so that I could get some pretty good shots with them.  I took my own senior pictures with them. Cherry Blossom is even one of my favorite scents.  There are times when I do switch it up - but for the most part, Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath & Body Works is my go-to scent! I just love it! 

Also, I love Suzanne! When I met her, I just knew that she was going to be a pretty awesome and quirky girl.  I soon realized that my family is from her exact hometown. Meaning we were born in the same area of NY! Then, she's studying communications, which I got my degree in.  So I love talking to her about the advancements that are happening in the program (which I am jealous about) and all the professors there that have made such an impact on my life throughout my time here at Liberty.  Suzanne was probably one of my easiest to shoot! She's a natural and is already extremely comfortable being in front of the camera.  I had a blast! 

Anyways, here are some of my favorites from the day! 

Sneak Peek *Rachel*

Check out a Sneak Peek of the lovely Rachel at the Jerry Falwell Library!  Be on the lookout for the rest of the session soon!


O'Donnell Wedding Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of the O'Donnell's Wedding! IMG_8963

Taylor Wedding

I am happy to finally be able to post these! I second shot with Ashley Wiktorek of Ashley Wiktorek Photography for Drew and Nikki Taylor's Wedding late this Summer.  Ashley and I were on the same hall during my Sophomore year at Liberty. She needed a second shooter and I was definitely all aboard with helping her out!  I was really excited about having the opportunity to learn so much and definitely did!  The day was fantastic!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the Taylor's wedding.   I want to always start with the details! I feel as though its the little things mean the most on a day like this!


One thing I absolutely loved about the details of this wedding was how she integrated her favorite color: Green

with other coordinations of black and white.  Since I am biased to the use of Black and White (especially with my editing),  I really liked capturing those details!



After this wedding, I realized how much I like first looks.  I believe that I will actually want to do the same for my wedding.  I believe that it helps save a LOT of time.  Here are a few of my favorites!ImageImageImage

Nikki had a BEAUTIFUL dress! I managed to help Ashley in getting a different angle of her bridal session before the ceremony.Image

Here are a few of my favorites from the ceremony. ImageImageImageImageImage

After the ceremony, we went back to where they shot their first looks and grabbed a few post wedding portraits.  I really loved how these turned out. ImageImageImageImageImage

Here are a few additional favorites from the reception!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Congratulations Nikki and Drew!

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