Tutorials Tutorials.. new photoshop editing technique!

Okay, I for one was so excited about this discovery that I couldn't refrain from posting a blog about it.  

I've mentioned before how I've always done a good portion of my editing in Lightroom.  So, since I currently do not own it and am using Photoshop elements, I was limited because I just simply did not know how to do the things that I wanted to do.  My editing just wasn't popping.  Well, I decided to go on Pinterest (I must say, it is a photographer's best friend, well, mine anyways) and I found a pretty cool tutorial for getting the image in the editing style that I wanted.  Now, I'm sitting here re-editing my photos from my last shoot because it REALLY needs it.  ;) Well, let me show you quickly how I've done it







I had a bit of color issues and then Nathan also had some bags beneath his eyes.  It was a pretty simple fix.

All I did was adjust the levels on the histogram.. then added a photo filter.. Then I used the eye dropper tool to match the skin and then switched to the paintbrush tool and lowered the opacity on the brush and began painting the darker spots underneath the eyes.  Then I added a brightness/contrast layer (didn't do anything with the adjustments) but I put the layer style in screen mode.  Then I lowered the opacity to my liking (everyone has a different style).  I am excited that I now have a pretty awesome technique to use in the future!