Developing the Website-J Cameron Photo

Over the past few days, I have decided that I needed to get this thing started and actually build a website.  While keeping a blog and having a Facebook page is nice and you really cannot do much without it, I felt as though I really needed to have a website.   The hardest thing about it all was pretty much trying to decide what I was going to change my name to. I mentioned previously why I needed to change my name, but I couldn't decide what.   Well, now I am officially J. Cameron Photography.  I also bought the domain  This is all very exciting and I'm still trying to look for a place to host my site.  But right now, this website is taking very much of my time.  Being that I am a self starter, I decided that I was going to save money and build it all myself from scratch using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  I had to actually teach myself Dreamweaver and it is quite the hassle.  Relearning codes and placements.  It's like building a Myspace Page all over again :).  But I finally started to figure it out and everything is starting to fall into place.   Here is a slight peak of what my page is going to look like.  I was debating about the style of it for quite a while, But I am really liking this one.   Image I cannot wait until I have this finished and capable of launching!