Laura-Downtown Lynchburg

I am really excited to be able to blog about this session! (As I am about a majority of my sessions)

Laura was my roommate during my freshman year at Liberty.  We both are super busy with her being a nursing major and myself doubling in Broadcasting and Public Relations, plus being a Resident Assistant.  I must say, however, that nursing tops my busyness by FAR!  

We have been trying for quite a while to do a session.  So it was great to actually have it done over the past weekend! Laura is extremely photogenic and I just love how I was able to edit them strictly based on her personality.  I believe that as I go from session to session and figuring out what my style is, I find that I am most pleased with my editing whenever I feel as though it is natural to the person that I photographed.

Here are a few of my favorites! 

Semester Busy-ness

For one, I'd like to apologize for becoming severely behind on a lot of my photos and keeping up to date with the blog, my website, and the Facebook page.  This semester has been so much busier than I had expected and I completely did not have the time!

One thing, is that I am very excited about next semester and the future.  I am taking this Winter Break to not only complete the development of my brand, but the marketing aspects of it as well.  I really believe that 2014 is going to be the year of really digging into making J. Cameron Photography boom.  I am really excited as I will be holding off working after graduation, so that I can devote the extra time I have in the next few years to just build and develop my skill as a photographer and my photography as a business.  I never really thought that this is something that I should do.  But after talking about it and debating back and forth with everything, this is the one thing that I feel the most peace with. 

Well, as for the next few days, be on the lookout for the blog post of the Taylor Wedding.  As well as sneak peeks from the McDonnell wedding and the FACS Fashion Show model casting and more! Trust me, you're going to love the next two weeks!