The Self Portrait Challenge

I came across this article and I have to say that it properly explains the reason why I decided to do this.  I mentioned on Day 1 of my 30 day photography challenge of how much I really don't like being in pictures.  I probably would attribute it to the fact that I'm not vain, but as I examine a little further, it's primarily because I don't know how I look on the other end, but also I can be just a bit camera shy.  I know what angles work sometimes, but then there are other times where I often have a distrust of the person who is holding the camera. I've had some awful pictures taken of me, but then I've had some really great ones! I have to say that out of all the pictures that I've had take of me, this portrait was probably one of my favorites taken by Jessica Bulloss of Bulloss Photography.  These were also great from her too!   The most interesting thing about having this session done was that I learned so much more about making a client feel comfortable about posing than I have in the past. I've learned more about posing in an hour than I have in a general 3-4 year time frame. While I still had a fairly decent level of posing creativity, I have to say that it is not nearly as great as it good be.  

From spending time researching and coming across articles like the one that I have linked in the beginning, I decided that the best thing that I could do right now for my style is to do a self portrait challenge.  I promise you it's going to be very uncomfortable for me, but I figured that while we're in the "selfie" trend, why not actually post some quality self-portraits.  

I hope this challenge gives you the opportunity to see more of who I am as I decide to branch away from being camera shy. ;) 

So starting soon, the 30 day self-portrait challenge begins! 

Photography Challenge-Self Portrait

I am a little over a week behind from starting the photography challenge.  In case you didn't see the last blog, the list of the images I need to take are on this list and the secondary list is here

To be completely honest,  I procrastinated with starting this challenge because, well, the first day was a self portrait.  For those of you that know me well, you know that I hate being in front of a camera of any sort.  Still or video.  My comfort zone is behind the lens, not in front of it. 

When I decided to do this, I was dreading having to gather my camera and myself and try to artistically formulate a self-portrait.  But I really wanted to get this challenge going, and I didn't want to cheat. So, here's my self-portrait:




One thing that struck to my mind was a selfie vs. a self portrait. I dread the "selfie" trend.  I would say that I don't know why to make everything nice and peaceful, but that would be a lie ;).  Countless times I have seen people post pictures of themselves in probably the most unconventional ways.  Selfies every 15 minutes. Selfies in the hospital bed. Selfies while grocery shopping. Selfies after getting out the shower. 

To my surprise, I actually haven't seen a toilet selfie yet.  Still waiting for that one. 

Regardless of "where" the selfie is taken, they all look the same.  It lacks and element of creativity. It becomes dry, emotionless, and ultimately a promotion of vanity.  The selfie is restrictive.

But the self-portrait, on the other hand, opens to a much wider perspective and more creativity than just simply holding a camera or phone in your hand and smiling.   A self-portrait is expressive.  You don't need to post a quote or a song lyric to explain the image.  You don't need to explain what you're doing.  A self-portrait can open the doors to a wide array of possibilities. it is expressive. It is artistic.  It is limitless.

I believe there are 3 days in this challenge where I have to do a self portrait.  While I'm not the happiest about it, I really feel as though it will help expand my thoughts creatively.  This one was fairly simple, I took it while it was raining so I had to grab a couple of umbrellas so that my hair or camera wouldn't get wet.

I'm excited about continuing this challenge!  I'm going to be a trooper and get out of my comfort zone.  Be on the lookout for Day 2 tomorrow! ;)