day 13

Photography Challenge: Day 13-Inspiration

A couple of things before I began. I LOVE my camera and I LOVE back button focusing!

First, I kind of broke part of the casing of my SD card.  I was still able to take pictures with it but my card reader nor my usb was able to transfer images.  My camera has a wifi capability so I was able to transfer all my images to my computer that way.  It's taking quite a while, but I am glad that I still had a means of getting my images transferred.

Secondly, there's this thing called back button focusing.  It's really just setting your camera so that the back button on your camera focuses on the image instead of the shutter.  It prevents your images from getting out of focus when you move.  I've had that problem quite a bit. But this time, I've noticed that I have been able to focus during the session that I've done today so much more easily.  Everything is sharp and amazing!

Anyways, day 13 for the photography challenge is inspiration.  My mom and I went a few minutes from my home and did a session. She's been trying to have one done for a while now and we never had the chance to get to it. So we finally did.  It works because I have to say that she and my dad are the biggest inspiration that I have in my life.  They are supportive of anything that I decide to do whether they think it's crazy or not.  They are firm but reasonable.  They have definitely provided so many opportunities for me and my siblings that I probably would not have had without their help.  My mom specifically has definitely made so many sacrifices for all of us that if I turn out to be half the woman that she is, I would be alright.  All the late nights.  The level of patience. But most importantly the example that she displays as a woman, mother, and wife is incredible! I could go on.

Anyways, I'm doubling with putting a sneak peak of our session and using this image for day 13!