day 25

Photography Challenge: Day 24/25- Street Photography/Pattern

Yet again I had skipped a day, so I will be using this post to double up again.

 Day 24 is Street Photography.  I moved back to Lynchburg for the school year yesterday to begin RA training.  Yesterday was so hectic that I unfortunately was unable to take a picture and focus on the day.  I do know that today is Street Photography, however, I did take a picture of the light fixture on my balcony that gives the illusion of a street.  I would most likely re do this when I have the ability to go and do an actual street.

I loved the dramatic appearance of it.  I overall love dramatic setups for photography.

Day 25 is a pattern.  For the most part I am a very simple person when it comes to buying and wearing clothes.  I don't like anything too flashy.  However, if I were to pick a specific pattern to wear, it would be polka dot.

It is kind of weird because polka dot stands out.  But at the same time it is a fairly simple pattern.  I got this dress a couple of months ago because I kind of needed to buy more dresses.  The worse part about growing up when you've been a tomboy all your life is that you have to buy more feminine clothes.  The way you dress often times is the perception that people have of you.  It is important to dress well and present yourself well.