Website Design and New Brand Launch!

I am really excited about having the opportunity to talk about this even further.  

First of all, I want to talk a little bit about how I have finally had the opportunity to invest in my brand!  It has taken so much longer than it should have for me to decide to get it done, but I'm really glad that I finally did.  I had my friend, Josh Healey (you can check out his work here), design a complete identity package for me.  It's so crazy because while I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted it to look, Josh took the time to develop something so much better than I could even think of.  Seriously, if you're looking to have anything designed in some form, I would definitely give him a call.  I already know that he's going to be on my permanent list of any design work I would need!

Here is a sample of what it looks like!


Secondly, I was able to develop and design my website to be so much more cleaner, lively, and user friendly than the website that I've had before.  I wasn't really doing but so much with my website before. After some time, I felt as though since I've been putting in so much money into it, I might as well develop it into something that people can easily access.  Something that would stand out and make people want to come back instead of a place where it has little to no impact.  Photography is supposed to impact you.  So I want my website to be able to do that.  That's the sole purpose of having a brand.  Website included. 

Thirdly, I actually have my blog and website in one place.  I don't think I could be anymore excited about this.  While I really enjoyed having the opportunity to use Wordpress, I just cringed at the fact that I had to deal with multiple URLs, including one that was not simple or easy to remember.  So I can literally just give you my website and you're instantly here!  Instead of having to type  

I really hope that you're able to enjoy this change as much as I am enjoying it! I know that this is going to be the start of something amazing and I'm glad that you are able to see the beginning of it!


-JaQuayla Cameron