Website Design and New Brand Launch!

I am really excited about having the opportunity to talk about this even further.  

First of all, I want to talk a little bit about how I have finally had the opportunity to invest in my brand!  It has taken so much longer than it should have for me to decide to get it done, but I'm really glad that I finally did.  I had my friend, Josh Healey (you can check out his work here), design a complete identity package for me.  It's so crazy because while I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted it to look, Josh took the time to develop something so much better than I could even think of.  Seriously, if you're looking to have anything designed in some form, I would definitely give him a call.  I already know that he's going to be on my permanent list of any design work I would need!

Here is a sample of what it looks like!


Secondly, I was able to develop and design my website to be so much more cleaner, lively, and user friendly than the website that I've had before.  I wasn't really doing but so much with my website before. After some time, I felt as though since I've been putting in so much money into it, I might as well develop it into something that people can easily access.  Something that would stand out and make people want to come back instead of a place where it has little to no impact.  Photography is supposed to impact you.  So I want my website to be able to do that.  That's the sole purpose of having a brand.  Website included. 

Thirdly, I actually have my blog and website in one place.  I don't think I could be anymore excited about this.  While I really enjoyed having the opportunity to use Wordpress, I just cringed at the fact that I had to deal with multiple URLs, including one that was not simple or easy to remember.  So I can literally just give you my website and you're instantly here!  Instead of having to type  

I really hope that you're able to enjoy this change as much as I am enjoying it! I know that this is going to be the start of something amazing and I'm glad that you are able to see the beginning of it!


-JaQuayla Cameron

Iphoto... *Designer Launch Party*

So I am in the process of getting new software for my Mac for editing, so I had to edit these series of images through Iphoto.  I feel as though that word is like death to fellow photographers, but that was what I had to work with this time.  To be honest, it really did a LOT better than I thought it would.  I mean, it isn't going to get down to fully complete editing to fit my style, but it was nice to do basic editing.  If your composition and everything is basically straightened out as you shoot and you just wanted to bump up more contrast or something of the sort, then Iphoto would work fine.  However, if you want to do more with your images, we all know that Iphoto is definitely NOT the route to go.


Well, anyways,  I have been asked to be the photographer for the FACS Association Fashion show in April of next year. I'm pretty excited about it because I have the opportunity to get so much more things for my portfolio and I have something additional to do.  I will be taking shots of basically the whole process leading up to the Fashion show.  So the first event was the Designer Launch Party.  I was able to get some REALLY nice ones.  I also used my new flash for the first time.  I still have some things to learn, but I was really impressed with how much it had helped me with shooting indoors.  I think me and indoor shooting are going to become friends soon!


Well, here are some of my favorite shots of the evening



Developing the Website-J Cameron Photo

Over the past few days, I have decided that I needed to get this thing started and actually build a website.  While keeping a blog and having a Facebook page is nice and you really cannot do much without it, I felt as though I really needed to have a website.   The hardest thing about it all was pretty much trying to decide what I was going to change my name to. I mentioned previously why I needed to change my name, but I couldn't decide what.   Well, now I am officially J. Cameron Photography.  I also bought the domain  This is all very exciting and I'm still trying to look for a place to host my site.  But right now, this website is taking very much of my time.  Being that I am a self starter, I decided that I was going to save money and build it all myself from scratch using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  I had to actually teach myself Dreamweaver and it is quite the hassle.  Relearning codes and placements.  It's like building a Myspace Page all over again :).  But I finally started to figure it out and everything is starting to fall into place.   Here is a slight peak of what my page is going to look like.  I was debating about the style of it for quite a while, But I am really liking this one.   Image I cannot wait until I have this finished and capable of launching!