I'm super excited about getting this blog post up today!  I was itching to doing some shooting and I had asked my friend, Cassia if she would like to have her senior portraits done.

Cassia was one of my Spiritual Life Directors on my hall during my Junior year at Liberty and we both graduated together this year.  Due to our crazy schedules, we definitely managed to get this one in!

I'm really excited to share some of my favorites with you all.  Cassia is really photogenic and I had a blast shooting this session with her!

Liberty University FACS Fashion Show

Although I have had the edits for these completed for a few weeks, I for one am really excited to finally be able to post these!


I've had the opportunity to be the Photographer for the entire process leading up to the fashion show this year and I had a blast!

I think most of all, I enjoyed editing these more than taking them.  I really took a different creative approach to fit the tone than what I would usually do with my portraits. Because, let's be honest, some of the editing that I did with this are ones that I would NEVER do with my portraits.  I just really liked the way these turned out!

Personally, I was not very much aware of everything it takes to execute a fashion show of this caliber, but I definitely learned! They started the process back in September of last semester for the show in April.  This 7 month process definitely was evident in the directors' and designers' final product.

What was very interesting about this Fashion Show was it's theme: Go Green, Go Glam.  The criteria for the designers was that they had to design clothing where the majority of the material used was recycled.  The designers definitely pulled it off and made some amazing things!

Well, let me stop talking and show you! 

I'll start with some of my favorites from the preparation!

Then of course was the Fashion Show.  I absolutely loved editing these! I wish that I could show them all, but here are some of my favorites!

Laura-Downtown Lynchburg

I am really excited to be able to blog about this session! (As I am about a majority of my sessions)

Laura was my roommate during my freshman year at Liberty.  We both are super busy with her being a nursing major and myself doubling in Broadcasting and Public Relations, plus being a Resident Assistant.  I must say, however, that nursing tops my busyness by FAR!  

We have been trying for quite a while to do a session.  So it was great to actually have it done over the past weekend! Laura is extremely photogenic and I just love how I was able to edit them strictly based on her personality.  I believe that as I go from session to session and figuring out what my style is, I find that I am most pleased with my editing whenever I feel as though it is natural to the person that I photographed.

Here are a few of my favorites! 

Taylor Wedding

I am happy to finally be able to post these! I second shot with Ashley Wiktorek of Ashley Wiktorek Photography for Drew and Nikki Taylor's Wedding late this Summer.  Ashley and I were on the same hall during my Sophomore year at Liberty. She needed a second shooter and I was definitely all aboard with helping her out!  I was really excited about having the opportunity to learn so much and definitely did!  The day was fantastic!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the Taylor's wedding.   I want to always start with the details! I feel as though its the little things mean the most on a day like this!


One thing I absolutely loved about the details of this wedding was how she integrated her favorite color: Green

with other coordinations of black and white.  Since I am biased to the use of Black and White (especially with my editing),  I really liked capturing those details!



After this wedding, I realized how much I like first looks.  I believe that I will actually want to do the same for my wedding.  I believe that it helps save a LOT of time.  Here are a few of my favorites!ImageImageImage

Nikki had a BEAUTIFUL dress! I managed to help Ashley in getting a different angle of her bridal session before the ceremony.Image

Here are a few of my favorites from the ceremony. ImageImageImageImageImage

After the ceremony, we went back to where they shot their first looks and grabbed a few post wedding portraits.  I really loved how these turned out. ImageImageImageImageImage

Here are a few additional favorites from the reception!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Congratulations Nikki and Drew!

You can check out the Facebook Post here:

Nathan-Assessment Shoot #1

I must say, I was really excited when I was editing these and then shifted for some time to look at my first shoot with Nathan 3 years ago.   While there is room for improvement in the shots that I've done this go around, I am very excited to see how much I actually have improved (I mean, other than the fact that I actually have a better camera).  Here are basically some of my favorite shots from my first shoot with Nathan. 


At the time, I really felt as though I did a pretty good job.  But when I was sitting back assessing everything and making comparisons to the most recent shoot, I was amazed.  Here are the photos from the most recent shoot



I took a little bit more of a specific editing direction in this shoot than I have done in the past.  I think when I first started shooting and editing, I got photoshop preset happy and would experiment with as many presets as I could.  But lately, I have finally gotten to pinpoint exactly what I want to do as far as the levels are concerned as well as the coloring. I think I really like the "redder" tint with some of these photos.  

I'm getting closer to figuring out my editing style. 

As far as composition is concerned, I do feel as though I have done so much better composition wise.  Getting in close when I needed to, but then understanding when to use the closure.  

Well, I have a few others that I going to do and will be posting in the upcoming weeks.  I am really excited about this project!