Rachel - Jerry Falwell Library - Lynchburg, Virginia

I have to say that this was probably one of my favorite sessions that I've edited in a while.  I think for one because this was the second time that I've shot someone that I haven't met prior to the session.

I held a contest a few weeks ago and Rachel was the winner.  We met at the new Jerry Falwell Library and did our session there.  I absolutely love the landscape of the library and since not very many people have done session there yet, I figured that I might as well give it a shot! 

The weather was absolutely perfect for this session and I had an amazing time!  Rachel is very photogenic!

Here are some of my favorites from this session

Portrait Session: Raqueliz

Okay so Raqueliz (Rocky) was one of my original models when I started doing photography.  I grabbed her again for a quick session earlier this week.  It was PERFECT because most of the session was fairly overcast.  Meaning, the colors popped out quite a bit.  I also did Rocky's shoot at my all time favorite location: Capitol Square.


I'm usually hesitant with my shoots at this location, but I haven't done one there in quite a while, so I figured that the location was long overdue.  It's hard for me to say which ones are my favorite.  When I was trying to make a decision to select an image for my sneak peeks, I had quite the hardest time with my selection.  




I also feel as though I finally found my editing style! After experimenting for a couple of sessions with a direct goal, I think this one works.  I think I had more fun editing these pictures than shooting them!


Tutorials Tutorials.. new photoshop editing technique!

Okay, I for one was so excited about this discovery that I couldn't refrain from posting a blog about it.  

I've mentioned before how I've always done a good portion of my editing in Lightroom.  So, since I currently do not own it and am using Photoshop elements, I was limited because I just simply did not know how to do the things that I wanted to do.  My editing just wasn't popping.  Well, I decided to go on Pinterest (I must say, it is a photographer's best friend, well, mine anyways) and I found a pretty cool tutorial for getting the image in the editing style that I wanted.  Now, I'm sitting here re-editing my photos from my last shoot because it REALLY needs it.  ;) Well, let me show you quickly how I've done it







I had a bit of color issues and then Nathan also had some bags beneath his eyes.  It was a pretty simple fix.

All I did was adjust the levels on the histogram.. then added a photo filter.. Then I used the eye dropper tool to match the skin and then switched to the paintbrush tool and lowered the opacity on the brush and began painting the darker spots underneath the eyes.  Then I added a brightness/contrast layer (didn't do anything with the adjustments) but I put the layer style in screen mode.  Then I lowered the opacity to my liking (everyone has a different style).  I am excited that I now have a pretty awesome technique to use in the future!

Nathan-Assessment Shoot #1

I must say, I was really excited when I was editing these and then shifted for some time to look at my first shoot with Nathan 3 years ago.   While there is room for improvement in the shots that I've done this go around, I am very excited to see how much I actually have improved (I mean, other than the fact that I actually have a better camera).  Here are basically some of my favorite shots from my first shoot with Nathan. 


At the time, I really felt as though I did a pretty good job.  But when I was sitting back assessing everything and making comparisons to the most recent shoot, I was amazed.  Here are the photos from the most recent shoot



I took a little bit more of a specific editing direction in this shoot than I have done in the past.  I think when I first started shooting and editing, I got photoshop preset happy and would experiment with as many presets as I could.  But lately, I have finally gotten to pinpoint exactly what I want to do as far as the levels are concerned as well as the coloring. I think I really like the "redder" tint with some of these photos.  

I'm getting closer to figuring out my editing style. 

As far as composition is concerned, I do feel as though I have done so much better composition wise.  Getting in close when I needed to, but then understanding when to use the closure.  

Well, I have a few others that I going to do and will be posting in the upcoming weeks.  I am really excited about this project!