Photography Challenge Day 12-Routine

When I took a look over the photography challenge when I decided to do it, one of the first things I noticed was the challenge for photography a routine.  My first initial thought was what routine exactly would I photograph that is actually worth photographing?  I wanted it to mean something.  But my routine has such a wide variety at times.  I clearly shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair everyday.  I read my bible everyday.  I use my computer and my phone everyday.  But what is something routine in my life that I I wouldn't necessary be a cliche'?  

I thought about it all day today and realized that writing is probably the one routine that connects everything.  I kind of identify myself as a writer.  Clearly because I decided to write a detailed blog with every single image I take in this challenge.  I communicate certain things more efficiently when I'm writing. I write when I have my quiet times because that's my main way of making a connection with what I'm reading.  I write things down as I hear them.  I journal.  I keep a detailed planner and I'm most excited about the beginning of a semester when I can sit down and plan and write everything out in a detailed schedule.  

Writing is a part of my life.  I don't know what I would do without it. 

I took a picture of one of the many notebooks I have.  I wish I had one notebook designated for one particular subject, but it doesn't happen that way.  I've somehow created this book to be widely multipurpose ;) 

Camera Raw

Okay.  I confess.  I have spent the past several years of my photography development shooting completely in Jpeg.  I've known for years that it is the best thing for photographers to shoot in Camera Raw, but I never really decided to make that change and do so.

To be completely honest, I never did because I figured the file sizes were entirely too big. I wanted to have the ability to shoot as many images as I can on one card, even though I've never technically used a full card by shooting Jpeg.  

But then I decided to get the wise idea to finally shoot in Camera Raw and WOW, is pretty much all I can say at this point!  I would go into so much more detail, which I'm sure I will post another blog about it later! 

But let's just say that I'm officially sold and will be shooting in Camera Raw for now on ;)



Horizontal vs. Vertical

Over the past several months, I have made it a priority to at least have SOMETHING to take away from every single session that I have done.  Whether it is a wedding or a portrait session, or even when I'm leisurely shooting landscapes of some sort.  I have to at least learn something.

Well, while I'm editing this most recent shoot of my friend, Laura, I have noticed that a mass majority of my shots are vertical.  While I do find that most of my favorite portrait shots are those that I've shot vertical, I've noticed in this case of how much of a significant difference in composition quality and expression of emotion an image has just by changing the way that it is shot. I don't know why I've never really thought about it before.  

I know that this probably won't always have such a significant difference in all of my sessions, but this one is where I've noticed it the most. 


These two images were shot by the same angle and in the same identical pose (the second one is just slightly closer).  In my opinion, I really do believe that the vertical image stands out so much more than the horizontal.  


What are your thoughts?

Stephens' Richmond, VA Wedding

Well, here it is! After spending a week of going through 1,600 pictures, I have finished editing the Stephens' Wedding. This was the second wedding that I have shot, but the first one with my Canon. Needless to say, I was really excited to have the opportunity to help out and get some pretty nice shots as well as learn so many new aspects that I can definitely use in the future!

Mandela and Eugena had a beautiful wedding and I must say that it was pretty fun to shoot.

Everyone that was apart of their big day had a very warm and inviting personality.  I took the photo journalistic approach when it came to shooting.  I really enjoy capturing those moments of natural excitement and joy.
I would like to say that I took these series of pictures to figure out my editing style a little more.  I played around with a lot of different things depending on the quality of the image itself. I'm already pretty biased to using black and white, but I was able to get some really nice color ones as well.
First, I started by capturing a lot of the details. Details are really important. To be honest, I feel as though shooting and editing the details were probably my favorite part.



Then of course there was the pre-wedding preparations!  I managed to run back and forth between the bride's prep room to the groomsmen before the ceremony.




While the guys were waiting for the ceremony, I took them outside for some group shots. Here are some of my favoritesImageImage

This one was definitely my favoriteImageImage

Mandela Jr. was definitely a happy baby! (you would see a few more of him a few pictures up)Image

Then there was the ceremony.  It was very nice and very quick.  I remember spending pretty much all of it running around trying to get as much as a could.  I'm definitely glad that I managed to get these ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe reception was definitely the moment where you were able to see how everyone got along and truly loved each other as a family.

I definitely laughed when the Bridal party came out with the Harlem shake ImageThe first dance was also amazing.ImageImageImage

Then of course there was the Father/Daughter-Mother/Son dance.ImageImage

If you didn't notice already, Eugena changed into a really nice dress. She also surprised Mandela by singing for him. ImageImageImageImageThen you can't forget the cutting of the cake ImageImageImage

And you can't forget a picture of them with Mandela Jr.