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Abishek & Chhaya Engagement

Well, A couple of weeks ago, I got a random call from Abishek's father asking if I would be able to do a engagement shoot the following day.  I was free to do it so I definitely took on the opportunity! It was quite the challenge because I clearly have not met this couple before we even shot.  So it took some time to figure out exactly how they were.  What was good was that they already had some ideas in mind.

We did majority of this session at Maymont Park.  I personally love Maymont park for shoots (well, if there aren't a lot of people there.)

This was definitely a learning experience as I realized more and more how I could benefit from buying another lens.  One day Quayla, one day.   Anyways, here are some of my favorites =)



What I loved the most about Abishek and Chhaya was their culture.  After about a half hour, they both went and changed into their Indian clothing.  To be honest, I feel as though these shots were my favorite from the whole entire shootImageImage

ImageIMG_4230Image ImageImage

Image IMG_4369-2IMG_4505IMG_4599Then we spent about 10 or 15 minutes at Capitol Square.  I fell in love with Capitol Square when I did a shoot there for my sister's senior pictures.  I actually fell in love with it so much, that I am hesitant with the shoots that I do there. ImageImageImage

It was great to get to know Abishek and Chhaya!

I wish them all the best!