Editing observations-Color corrections

While I was going through my shoot today, I felt as though I really should make a blog post about this. I've come to notice over the past few weeks the IMPORTANCE of making sure you use the proper white balance settings with your camera.  I've never really had to bother with color correcting because I somehow managed to always have access to either Lightroom or Bridge with trials.  I've always either bumped up the temperature easily if something was too cool or just toned it down.  It made things so easy.  Well, now that I'm back to using my original photoshop software, color correcting is SO much more difficult.   With a few of my other shoots, I've had to just convert everything to black and white solely because of the color problems alone.  Now, I do love black and white to begin with, however, I found myself having had no other choice BUT to use B &W.. even on photos that I really felt as though would've worked better in color.  

Well, today during my shoot, I challenged myself to work so much more with my coloring.  I must say, I'm pretty glad that I did because I was able to get through my editing process SO much faster simply because I didn't have to play with color correction.  I was able to experiment with a few shots on different color set ups, but I barely had color issues.  

It's crazy that even though I've been really into this for the past three or four years, I still make a simple, stupid mistake such as white balance.

Well, keep a look out for a full post of Nathan's photos!  I must say, I am very excited with how everything is coming out!