Stephens' Richmond, VA Wedding

Well, here it is! After spending a week of going through 1,600 pictures, I have finished editing the Stephens' Wedding. This was the second wedding that I have shot, but the first one with my Canon. Needless to say, I was really excited to have the opportunity to help out and get some pretty nice shots as well as learn so many new aspects that I can definitely use in the future!

Mandela and Eugena had a beautiful wedding and I must say that it was pretty fun to shoot.

Everyone that was apart of their big day had a very warm and inviting personality.  I took the photo journalistic approach when it came to shooting.  I really enjoy capturing those moments of natural excitement and joy.
I would like to say that I took these series of pictures to figure out my editing style a little more.  I played around with a lot of different things depending on the quality of the image itself. I'm already pretty biased to using black and white, but I was able to get some really nice color ones as well.
First, I started by capturing a lot of the details. Details are really important. To be honest, I feel as though shooting and editing the details were probably my favorite part.



Then of course there was the pre-wedding preparations!  I managed to run back and forth between the bride's prep room to the groomsmen before the ceremony.




While the guys were waiting for the ceremony, I took them outside for some group shots. Here are some of my favoritesImageImage

This one was definitely my favoriteImageImage

Mandela Jr. was definitely a happy baby! (you would see a few more of him a few pictures up)Image

Then there was the ceremony.  It was very nice and very quick.  I remember spending pretty much all of it running around trying to get as much as a could.  I'm definitely glad that I managed to get these ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe reception was definitely the moment where you were able to see how everyone got along and truly loved each other as a family.

I definitely laughed when the Bridal party came out with the Harlem shake ImageThe first dance was also amazing.ImageImageImage

Then of course there was the Father/Daughter-Mother/Son dance.ImageImage

If you didn't notice already, Eugena changed into a really nice dress. She also surprised Mandela by singing for him. ImageImageImageImageThen you can't forget the cutting of the cake ImageImageImage

And you can't forget a picture of them with Mandela Jr.