Lynchburg, Virgina Photographer | Kalynn & Lydia

Can I just take a moment and talk about how absolutely gorgeous these girls are?  Seriously, I absolutely loved editing the pictures from our shoot! I struggled when I had to pause in the editing process! 

Ha well anyways, Kalynn and Lydia are such gems.  They were both roommates on my hall last semester, before Lydia moved onto Liberty's main campus for this semester.  Kalynn is still on my hall.  There's so much that could be said about them.  Kalynn is super smart, has such drive and dedication. I also love and value her perspective through life.  Lydia is this goofy girl, but in some interesting way, she has the ability to mesh well and develop friendships with so many people of so many different personalities. They are both amazing girls to know and I am glad that I have the opportunity.

So, we got quite a bit of snow and classes were canceled for a couple days.  I already scheduled shooting Kalynn and Lydia today, so they were still more than willing to brace the snow on top of the cold weather.  We went to Liberty's Scaremare property and got some pretty good shots.  Here are some of my favorites!

Sneak Peek | Kalynn & Lydia

Took these two girls out in the snow today!  Here is a sneak peek! 

Photography Challenge

Last year, I want to say,  I began a 30 day photography challenge that unfortunately lasted a couple of days.  I'm not even sure why it fell off, but I figured that I should get started and pick it up again.  Because first of all, I always want to find ways to get better, but secondly, there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't pick up a camera every single day.

I'm going to start out small and begin with this challenge and eventually branch out to doing a much longer one.  If I continue at a good rate, I'll definitely want to do a 365 day one by the start of next year!


Anyways, here is the list of the challenge that I'm going to follow! I'd love if you join it with me! I'll be starting on July 1!

Caleb-Senior Session Part One

I'm pretty stoked about posting this blog! First of all, it's my first full session with my new camera and lens.  It's pretty exciting because while I'm getting used to the differences, I find myself in absolute AWE.  I'll be honest, I felt buyers remorse for just a little bit until I did this session! ;)

Anyways, my brother is graduating from high school next year!  It's weird because we had a bit of a gap in between graduations for a while, but now that I've graduated from college, we'll be doing 3-4 straight graduations in my family either from high school or college. 

We decided that we are going to have three parts for my brother's senior pictures: Casual, Formal, and Cap & Gown.  We were going to do the Casual and Formal for this session, but Caleb completely missed that memo ha ha.

I must say, my brother is quite the character.  I believe me and all of my siblings have different looks, but Caleb literally pulled over 3 different looks in an hour!  It was great! 

We went to Brown's Island and close to the Canal to take these images.  It was probably the best location that I've shot at thus far! So many amazing places to be utilized that I can't even contain! 

Well, I'll stop talking and share these images!