Richmond, Virginia Senior Photographer | Janay

It's super crazy because my sister Janay is the person that I've probably taken the most portraits of.  She was the first photoshoot I've done.  It's like I do a shoot of her every single year. It's pretty crazy to see the transformation between my first shoot with her 5 years ago, and the most recent one that I've done of her. 

Anyways, Janay is a senior - crazy right?!  It's just amazing to see how much she has grown over the course of the years.  I feel completely old - you think that she would've stayed a little girl forever.  But here we are, reaching yet another milestone of her transitioning into adulthood.  The plus side of all this, is that she really won't turn 18 until December of next year, so we have a little more time :-) 

I took a portion of her senior pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some of my favorites! 

Lynchburg Wedding Photographer | Toliver Wedding

I'm really excited to have the opportunity to share the Toliver Wedding on my blog! 

I attend church with John and Kristi in Lynchburg at Lynchburg Church of God - I've been attending there for about a year now, so I definitely saw the two of them often! Early this Summer, they asked me to shoot their wedding and I gladly accepted! 

One thing that was distinctive about John and Kristi's wedding was that it was completely relaxed, awesome usage of purple (which is Kristi's favorite), the details were absolutely on point, integration of their favorite sports teams (Duke), but also an atmosphere surrounded by their love for the Lord and their love for each other. 

I was super humbled to be a part of John and Kristi's special day! I definitely have to put their wedding on my list of favorites! I had a blast. Here are a few of my favorite images from the Toliver Wedding:

Venue: Temple Baptist Church

Entertainment: Jason Thomas

Florist: Morgan Stone

Second Shooter: Maria Lucas


Sneak Peek | Toliver Wedding

Check out a sneak peek of the Toliver Wedding! 

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Michael & Melissa

I now started to work a little bit on taking pictures of couples utilizing off camera flash.  It's is very interesting because obviously you would have to begin changing the direction and power of the light.  Having an extra person to bounce the light from is totally different from doing just one person.  However, depending on the pose, it actually was slightly easier for me to do! It was also pretty cool because I was able to create some dramatic lighting for some of the poses! 

Melissa volunteered for me to shoot her and her boyfriend Michael almost 2 weeks ago.  They were so cute and I loved seeing how different their personalities were.  You could definitely tell that they compliment each other! 

Here are a few of my favorites. 

Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Di & Jolene

I'm super excited that I'm kind of starting to get the hang of proper distance, power, and direction of doing off camera flash.  I'm still figuring it out some more, but I am really excited to notice a difference in my second shoot. 

I grabbed Diandrea and Jolene a little over a week ago and I'm pretty excited at how they turned out.  Here are some of my favorites