photography challenge

Photography Challenge: Day 26 - Low Angle

I am so close to finishing this challenge and the last several days have been so busy that I either was not able to get a chance to take a picture, or I did take one and I didn't get a chance to blog about it. 

I am in RA training this week so everything is super busy.  But I have 3 more days left after today and I'll be done with this one! I need to get it together and hit it hard for the next few days. I do have a bit of ideas.

Anyways, day 26 is Low Angle.

We had our retreat yesterday with the RAs in my group and sister and brother RA groups.  This is the third retreat that I've been on, I usually love going on retreats because it gives us enough time to get to know each other a little further than what we would without the retreat.  The time that we are given is great because we will be doing ministry together for the next several months. 

While I was snapping pictures,  I grabbed a picture of one of the girls in my RA group.  It isn't as a super low angle, but it is at a low enough angle to be considered "low angle"  considering she was at a higher elevation that I was.

Photography Challenge: Day 24/25- Street Photography/Pattern

Yet again I had skipped a day, so I will be using this post to double up again.

 Day 24 is Street Photography.  I moved back to Lynchburg for the school year yesterday to begin RA training.  Yesterday was so hectic that I unfortunately was unable to take a picture and focus on the day.  I do know that today is Street Photography, however, I did take a picture of the light fixture on my balcony that gives the illusion of a street.  I would most likely re do this when I have the ability to go and do an actual street.

I loved the dramatic appearance of it.  I overall love dramatic setups for photography.

Day 25 is a pattern.  For the most part I am a very simple person when it comes to buying and wearing clothes.  I don't like anything too flashy.  However, if I were to pick a specific pattern to wear, it would be polka dot.

It is kind of weird because polka dot stands out.  But at the same time it is a fairly simple pattern.  I got this dress a couple of months ago because I kind of needed to buy more dresses.  The worse part about growing up when you've been a tomboy all your life is that you have to buy more feminine clothes.  The way you dress often times is the perception that people have of you.  It is important to dress well and present yourself well. 

Photography Challenge: Day 22 and 23- Frame Within a Frame/Faceless Self Portrait

Considering I missed yesterday, I had to make up for it and do two today.

Every day I am discovering and trying new things with my camera since I've gotten it.  This camera can do so much and I become like a child every single time I figure it out. 

I'm part of a photography community called Shoot and Share.  I absolutely love it.  It is the one place where I feel as though I've learned so much.  Actually, I've probably learned more in the past few months than I have in the whole four years that I've seriously begun shooting.  The group is an amazing place where people can ask questions, share inspiration, and network. 

Long story short,  I noticed someone ask for suggestions regarding the Canon 6d.  Every time I see a post related to this camera, I have to follow it and either give my input of what I've thought about it thus far, as well as hear the input of the other photographers that own the camera.  Anyways, I saw someone mention that they were able to use their phone as a remote for the camera and I immediately Googled it and figured out how to do it.  

Turns out Canon developed an app that was compatible with the 6D and smartphone.  Straight from my phone I can change all the camera settings and focus.  It changed my life.  It was also just in time because I needed to take another self portrait.


Speaking of self portraits, I have to say there is nothing more awkward than knowing a picture is being taken of you when you can't look at the camera.  I already dislike taking pictures of myself enough, but I do have to say that it was easier for me to take this picture with my phone as remote because I was able to see that I was properly framed. 

There really isn't anything else that I could say about this portrait. I tried editing it to look a bit dramatic.  I do have to say that I may be getting the hang of it a little ;)

Photography Challenge: Day 21- Texture

Nine more days left until I am finished this challenge! Exciting!  It's one of those bittersweet moments because I am glad to be finishing, but on the other hand I'm not all that excited about it.  The interesting thing is that now I understand the importance of taking a picture every single day.  It prevents me from being lazy, especially when I need to blog about it.  I wanted to start another challenge, which I did have a blog for a self portrait challenge.  But I'm not sure that I'm going to actually do it for 30 days.  I think maybe bi weekly or a monthly self portrait would ease me in a bit more at an even pace. ;)

Anyways, day 21 is texture.

Texture Photography is relatively self explanatory.  It attracts your eye to basically see texture.  We know of texture to come in multiple forms.  Smooth, bumpy, patterns, etc. 

I took this picture on a brick wall not far from home. 

Photography Challenge: Day 20-Portrait

Ten more days left in this challenge.  Pretty exciting.  I'm glad to say that I've actually almost completed this.


Well, today is a portrait.  The list is starting to get a little complicated as I haven't had my car for the past month.  I have an idea for quite a few of the other things that are on the list and exactly what I want to take, but of course I am a little limited.  ;) No worries, I'll be able to get it situated hopefully in a few days.

Anyways, my youngest sister wants to model.  So she asked me to take a couple of shots for her. Since I haven't checked off the "portrait" part of my list yet, I figured that I might as well kill two birds with one stone. 

Portraits amaze me.  As I've kind of experimented with a few niches here and there, I have realized that portraits probably is the niche that I'm looking for.  It's what I've started with and it's something that I think I want to continue.  Of course I'll do events and anything else from time to time, but portraits have kind of always been the main thing that has stuck with me.

Anyways, here is one of the portraits from today.