Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Bethany & Tracy

I'm working on a personal project.  While I won't share the details of the project other than making the statement that I'm working on one, I wanted to take the time to share a post about my session with Bethany and Tracy! 

First, I do want to share a bit about this location.  I took a different route back to my dorm one day and passed by this beautiful property.  I wasn't sure if it had been abandoned or not, so I did a little research, called the owner to get permission to shoot on the property and the rest was history.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  There was so much to do there.

Shooting in the winter, especially in Lynchburg, takes a lot of dedication. It rained early in the morning leading up to the early afternoon then out of nowhere the sun came out.  So other than having to deal with the mud, we were able to enjoy the beautiful sun (and the obnoxious wind).  Bethany was on my hall last year and her friend, Tracy joined us!  We walked around a bit as I took turns shooting them both.  It was fun and they are both very photogenic! I'm glad that I have girls willing to come out to model for me ;) 

Anyways, here are some of my favorites from our shoot! 

Photography Challenge: Day 13-Inspiration

A couple of things before I began. I LOVE my camera and I LOVE back button focusing!

First, I kind of broke part of the casing of my SD card.  I was still able to take pictures with it but my card reader nor my usb was able to transfer images.  My camera has a wifi capability so I was able to transfer all my images to my computer that way.  It's taking quite a while, but I am glad that I still had a means of getting my images transferred.

Secondly, there's this thing called back button focusing.  It's really just setting your camera so that the back button on your camera focuses on the image instead of the shutter.  It prevents your images from getting out of focus when you move.  I've had that problem quite a bit. But this time, I've noticed that I have been able to focus during the session that I've done today so much more easily.  Everything is sharp and amazing!

Anyways, day 13 for the photography challenge is inspiration.  My mom and I went a few minutes from my home and did a session. She's been trying to have one done for a while now and we never had the chance to get to it. So we finally did.  It works because I have to say that she and my dad are the biggest inspiration that I have in my life.  They are supportive of anything that I decide to do whether they think it's crazy or not.  They are firm but reasonable.  They have definitely provided so many opportunities for me and my siblings that I probably would not have had without their help.  My mom specifically has definitely made so many sacrifices for all of us that if I turn out to be half the woman that she is, I would be alright.  All the late nights.  The level of patience. But most importantly the example that she displays as a woman, mother, and wife is incredible! I could go on.

Anyways, I'm doubling with putting a sneak peak of our session and using this image for day 13!


I know that I've mentioned from time to time about me being a Resident Assistant at Liberty.  I don't mention it because of a status thing, because if it were meant to be a status thing, I don't deserve to be one at all. However, I mention it because I have always wanted an opportunity to talk about the girls that were on my hall. Seriously, they are awesome. I have been an RA for two years now and I have always enjoyed (almost) every moment of it. 

My hall this year was very small.  I had 16 students, while most halls had around 70. I absolutely loved it.  Because I could take advantage of the opportunities like these to do portraits for them.

We did two over the course of the semester, a snow day and this one at Randolph College. This one, we just picked a Sunday drove 20 minutes and shot of Randolph's beautiful campus. I wish that I could have had the opportunity to shoot all of the girls on my hall, but of course a bit of them are very much like me and don't like have their pictures taken of ;) or scheduling conflicts. 

Well, anyways, I'll stop ranting on and post some of my favorites of the day:


I'm super excited about getting this blog post up today!  I was itching to doing some shooting and I had asked my friend, Cassia if she would like to have her senior portraits done.

Cassia was one of my Spiritual Life Directors on my hall during my Junior year at Liberty and we both graduated together this year.  Due to our crazy schedules, we definitely managed to get this one in!

I'm really excited to share some of my favorites with you all.  Cassia is really photogenic and I had a blast shooting this session with her!

Because I Got Behind

Let's be honest,

I have been doing a horrible job with keeping up with this blog.  The past several weeks have been crazy! So many sessions on top of school and being a Resident Assistant that I just edited them all and didn't even take the time to post them here!

I believe that I have roughly 5-6 sessions to get posted within the next week or so, bare with me! They're coming! 

I did get a slight victory by posting the Fashion Show blog yesterday.  I felt really accomplished about that one ;)

But in the meantime, I am very excited to get them to you all soon!