Changing things up

It's almost 3:30 AM and I am sitting here writing a blog post.

For one, I am REALLY excited about getting this started! I decided to change things up a bit and felt as though things would be so much easier to integrate my portfolio and blog into one place.  Having to bounce from one location to another can definitely get confusing!

I designed my first webpage straight from dreamweaver. I'm definitely not the most proficient person in web design, so it was very limited and I couldn't get done everything that I wanted to get done with it.  After doing some research and identifying some financial changes that I could most definitely afford, I decided that I was going to give SquareSpace a try.  I've heard of it before but never really gave it the time of day to do so.  I talked to several other photographers and this seems to be the best place to go!  I am super excited about it and am ready to get it officially up and running by the beginning of next month!  

I will definitely be taking on so many fun and interesting projects over the next few months that I can't wait to share! It's going to be great! 

Well, in the meantime, I probably should get to bed soon! 

-JaQuayla Cameron

Nathan-Assessment Shoot #1

I must say, I was really excited when I was editing these and then shifted for some time to look at my first shoot with Nathan 3 years ago.   While there is room for improvement in the shots that I've done this go around, I am very excited to see how much I actually have improved (I mean, other than the fact that I actually have a better camera).  Here are basically some of my favorite shots from my first shoot with Nathan. 


At the time, I really felt as though I did a pretty good job.  But when I was sitting back assessing everything and making comparisons to the most recent shoot, I was amazed.  Here are the photos from the most recent shoot



I took a little bit more of a specific editing direction in this shoot than I have done in the past.  I think when I first started shooting and editing, I got photoshop preset happy and would experiment with as many presets as I could.  But lately, I have finally gotten to pinpoint exactly what I want to do as far as the levels are concerned as well as the coloring. I think I really like the "redder" tint with some of these photos.  

I'm getting closer to figuring out my editing style. 

As far as composition is concerned, I do feel as though I have done so much better composition wise.  Getting in close when I needed to, but then understanding when to use the closure.  

Well, I have a few others that I going to do and will be posting in the upcoming weeks.  I am really excited about this project!