I know that I've mentioned from time to time about me being a Resident Assistant at Liberty.  I don't mention it because of a status thing, because if it were meant to be a status thing, I don't deserve to be one at all. However, I mention it because I have always wanted an opportunity to talk about the girls that were on my hall. Seriously, they are awesome. I have been an RA for two years now and I have always enjoyed (almost) every moment of it. 

My hall this year was very small.  I had 16 students, while most halls had around 70. I absolutely loved it.  Because I could take advantage of the opportunities like these to do portraits for them.

We did two over the course of the semester, a snow day and this one at Randolph College. This one, we just picked a Sunday drove 20 minutes and shot of Randolph's beautiful campus. I wish that I could have had the opportunity to shoot all of the girls on my hall, but of course a bit of them are very much like me and don't like have their pictures taken of ;) or scheduling conflicts. 

Well, anyways, I'll stop ranting on and post some of my favorites of the day:

Because I Got Behind

Let's be honest,

I have been doing a horrible job with keeping up with this blog.  The past several weeks have been crazy! So many sessions on top of school and being a Resident Assistant that I just edited them all and didn't even take the time to post them here!

I believe that I have roughly 5-6 sessions to get posted within the next week or so, bare with me! They're coming! 

I did get a slight victory by posting the Fashion Show blog yesterday.  I felt really accomplished about that one ;)

But in the meantime, I am very excited to get them to you all soon!


The School Year Begins... photography things

These past few weeks have been pretty slow and I know that I haven't been posting in quite a while.  As you may or may not know, I am a Resident Assistant at Liberty University. For the past couple of weeks, I have been sitting through training, checking in students, etc. So obviously, my editing has been slow.  But good news! The album is finally finished and I will be posting my favorites later on tonight! 

I will be second shooting two weddings within the next couple of weeks. I'm really excited about it because then I will then have 4 weddings under my belt, and more things to show in my portfolio!

Then I will be working on some more marketing things.  As I keep going, I really believe that this is something that I want to eventually do full time.  We'll see!