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Richmond, Virginia Senior Photographer | Janay

It's super crazy because my sister Janay is the person that I've probably taken the most portraits of.  She was the first photoshoot I've done.  It's like I do a shoot of her every single year. It's pretty crazy to see the transformation between my first shoot with her 5 years ago, and the most recent one that I've done of her. 

Anyways, Janay is a senior - crazy right?!  It's just amazing to see how much she has grown over the course of the years.  I feel completely old - you think that she would've stayed a little girl forever.  But here we are, reaching yet another milestone of her transitioning into adulthood.  The plus side of all this, is that she really won't turn 18 until December of next year, so we have a little more time :-) 

I took a portion of her senior pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some of my favorites! 

Caleb-Senior Session Part One

I'm pretty stoked about posting this blog! First of all, it's my first full session with my new camera and lens.  It's pretty exciting because while I'm getting used to the differences, I find myself in absolute AWE.  I'll be honest, I felt buyers remorse for just a little bit until I did this session! ;)

Anyways, my brother is graduating from high school next year!  It's weird because we had a bit of a gap in between graduations for a while, but now that I've graduated from college, we'll be doing 3-4 straight graduations in my family either from high school or college. 

We decided that we are going to have three parts for my brother's senior pictures: Casual, Formal, and Cap & Gown.  We were going to do the Casual and Formal for this session, but Caleb completely missed that memo ha ha.

I must say, my brother is quite the character.  I believe me and all of my siblings have different looks, but Caleb literally pulled over 3 different looks in an hour!  It was great! 

We went to Brown's Island and close to the Canal to take these images.  It was probably the best location that I've shot at thus far! So many amazing places to be utilized that I can't even contain! 

Well, I'll stop talking and share these images! 



Sneak Peek-Caleb

Here is a sneak peek of part 1 of my senior portrait session with my brother! This was a silly picture, but I definitely feel it's sneak peek worthy!  The only additional thing I'll reveal about this session is that I'm going to title it "The Many Faces of Kay"  because that's really what it is!

Until then, enjoy this sneak peek!


I'm super excited about getting this blog post up today!  I was itching to doing some shooting and I had asked my friend, Cassia if she would like to have her senior portraits done.

Cassia was one of my Spiritual Life Directors on my hall during my Junior year at Liberty and we both graduated together this year.  Due to our crazy schedules, we definitely managed to get this one in!

I'm really excited to share some of my favorites with you all.  Cassia is really photogenic and I had a blast shooting this session with her!