Summer Photography Plans

I'm really excited about this summer!  I'm going to take on a few projects that will definitely help take me to a new level as a photographer. To give you a start of what I have planned,  I wanted to show you this shot that I've captured.  I used a fast shutter the grasp the water form while a balloon was being popped.  I've seen pictures of it done before, but I never really expected it to be such an easy process.  


I grabbed my sisters, filled up balloons and they enjoyed themselves too.   It was kind of nice to do on a pretty hot day.

Overall, I really do want to take this summer diversifying myself.  A lot of photographers do specialize in one area within the portrait, wedding, landscape, abstract, and architecture realms.  I want to explore all the options and capture as many things as possible.

I took on a photobooth project.  While it will be my first, I am really excited about it!

I am also going to take my first set of models out for reshoots! I was looking at a lot of my first shoots and noticed a MAJOR skill change from the time I've started until now.  The improvements have been so dramatic (in my opinion) that I kind of cringe looking at my older stuff.

So be on a lookout of some of this stuff in the upcoming weeks!