Liberty University FACS Fashion Show Sneak Peek

I took so many amazing pictures over the past few days that I'm going to be posting several sneak peeks over the next few weeks.  But here is a few from the Fashion Show from the weekend!

Laura-Downtown Lynchburg

I am really excited to be able to blog about this session! (As I am about a majority of my sessions)

Laura was my roommate during my freshman year at Liberty.  We both are super busy with her being a nursing major and myself doubling in Broadcasting and Public Relations, plus being a Resident Assistant.  I must say, however, that nursing tops my busyness by FAR!  

We have been trying for quite a while to do a session.  So it was great to actually have it done over the past weekend! Laura is extremely photogenic and I just love how I was able to edit them strictly based on her personality.  I believe that as I go from session to session and figuring out what my style is, I find that I am most pleased with my editing whenever I feel as though it is natural to the person that I photographed.

Here are a few of my favorites!