Richmond, Virginia Photographer | Shae & Ricky

You saw the blog post from Lincoln's cake smash, but a couple of weeks before, his parents, Shae & Ricky modeled for me at Great Shiplock Park. Their anniversary was in July, so it was cool to capture some sweet images of just the two of them.  They're such a beautiful couple.

Here are some of my favorites! 

Richmond, Virginia Photographer | Lincoln's Cake Smash

Lincoln has grown so much over the year! He's full of determination and curiosity. I also learned that he loves to dance :-).  He's going to grow up loving Captain America because during the journey of the past year, every session with the Weyant Family included Captain America.  I just think it's been great to carry on this theme.    We went to Midlothian Mines Park and did a mini session.

Here are some favorites! 

Richmond, Virginia Photographer | Daquan

Capital Square is one of my favorite locations. My cousin, Daquan agreed to model for me which was perfect because I rarely get men that are willing to model for me (my boyfriend won't even model for me haha).  Here are a few favorites from our session.

Richmond, Virginia Photographer | Moriah

I mention a lot that I enjoy shooting in black and white.  However, I don't find myself having the opportunities to do so often.  It is something that I think and consider making a brand of my own.  But I want to definitely see how that goes.  Why do I enjoy black and white so much?  I find that it finds a way to communicate emotion in ways that I'm not sure that I know how.  You'll come to know me by my stoic facial expressions, which I've learned that I have to leverage that with my verbal communication.  Black and white photography in a way allows for me to represent that visual communication that I somehow seem to lack. 

I have had the opportunity to photograph some lovely people over the course of the past month.  The first one that I would like to share of course is from my session with Moriah! 

Richmond, Virginia Photographer | Summer Project Sneak Peek

I'm working on a personal project for the summer and if you haven't guessed, it's going to be completely in black and white. I'm excited to be sharing some sneak peeks while the project is being developed! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to capture Moriah of Something Blue Events at Brown's Island & Belle Isle and had tons of fun!