Photography Challenge: Day 19-Then and Now

I kind of wanted to take a break on Day 19 from actually taking pictures to actually doing a progress report

I'm pretty sure I've done this last summer sometime.  But even since last summer, the quality of the images that I have taken have improved a lot.  I started taking an interest in photography and got my first camera right after graduating high school.  I enjoyed it so much that I figured, why not continue to do this?  To be honest, I thought that I was pretty good at the time.  But now that I have improved over the course of 4 years, I have to say that I really wasn't good AT ALL.  As a matter of fact, I look at my old work and cringe.  I honestly wish I could delete them from everywhere they are stored and never see them again.  But that actually would not help me much.

Why do I say throwing away my old work wouldn't help me?  Because I have become very critical and rather a perfectionist of myself and my work.  There are days where I think my current work looks horrible when I compare them to people that are better than I am.  Yet when I look at how my work was when I started, I have to say that I am growing.  That's the thing that matters the most.  I don't shoot in auto mode anymore.  My overall photography IQ is better and I am able to produce quality images. 

I wanted to share an image of a shoot that I have done 4 years ago and one that I have shot last week.  It's night and day difference and I'm super excited to see more growth in the next 4 years.